Style Challenge and a Giveaway!

If any of you are on Instagram and follow the style community of bloggers, fashion fans and stylists, you may see a lot of participants in Style Challenges. A Style Challenge is hosted by an Instagram account usually someone into fashion and they create a theme for each day of the month or week etc. Others are encouraged to follow along and participate with a hashtag. In March, ENAMOUR participated in a style challenge hosted by WearWhatWhere and I honestly had so much fun seeing how others interpreted the theme of the day and how much style really could change an item of clothing, that I decided that ENAMOUR would host an Instagram April Style Challenge. Instead of giving a daily theme, I decided I wanted to see how others would style our designs. So each day in April an “Item of the Day” is posted. Our followers have the opportunity to style the item anyway they’d like and we pick a “Stylist of the Day” That person is then eligible to win our grand prize at the end of the month.

Here are our top 5 outfit post so far this month:


Our Joanna Moto Top styled with a pop color



Our Cleaves coat styled with an edge


Our March LBD classicly styled



our Empire top Coachella styled


our Ombre Skinny Jeans styled for Coachella


It has been so awesome to see how everyone styles the designs and how region, personal interests, favorite colors and accessories etc. all play a role in each board or post submitted. There is still another week or so left of the challenge so please feel free to join in! I’m loving seeing everyone’s #enamourstyle 

ENAMOUR Style Challenge

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