Becoming a “Morning Person”

Just recently, the Good Clothing Company posted a photo of me and my little one at my sample meeting. The image warmed my heart and gave me such an amazing feeling of accomplishment because I, like so many entrepreneurial mothers, struggle with the career/motherhood balance.

Speaking with Aiste of GCC

Speaking with Aiste of GCC

For me the struggle is time. Time for my daughter, time for my company, time for my husband, time for household happenings (laundry and home decor projects etc.) time for friends and time for events that come up. So many people say :”there aren’t enough hours in the day” and in my daughter’s infant days that statement was nothing but the truth (probably due to the fact that most of my hours were spent awake with feedings). But now that she is getting into the non-stop days of toddler hood, I’ve decided the hours are there, I’m just not utilizing them.

Where are the hours you ask? They are the early morning hours that before becoming a mother seemed absurd to be awake for. A mentor of mine, and one of my former teachers, used to tell me about her morning routine that started at 4am and when I was teaching a colleague of mine would wake at 5am to begin her day. Every time I heard these routines I would shrug them off as crazy. At the time I was barely making the 8am school bell to teach because I loved sleep that much. As long as I can remember nights were for me. I loved the silence of 3am in the studio and knowing how much was getting accomplished.

Fast forward years later and that 3am silence isn’t realistic anymore. Because I can’t wake up at 11am and start my morning, I have to be up at 6-7am for my little one, who wakes up with more energy than I can fathom!

Over the past few weeks I decided that the women who told me their 4-5am wake up routines weren’t crazy at all. They were mothers who found out  that the true time of silence and productivity happens between these hours. I want that productivity and balance so I’ve  started my transition into a “Morning Person”.

This transition has been a true challenge. In these short few weeks I’ve found out a few things:

1. I am no good without coffee:

As cliché as it sounds, becoming a “morning person” for me makes coffee necessary. I have tried it without and the result usually find me getting little done or sitting on my couch too long  wondering why I am up when everyone else is enjoying their sound sleep.

2. Multiple Alarm settings are an absolute blessing:

If I’m waking up at 5am my alarms will include: 4:30, 4:45, 5:00 and 5:15 (because sometimes the struggle is real). I’m hoping 21 days makes a habit and I will slowly but surely need less alarms to get out of bed.

3. There is nothing more peaceful than working to the sunrise:

Without fail, every time I look up from my work and see the sunrise I smile. I know that in the moment of starting something new there will be challenges, but when you see the beauty, progress and happiness of your choices you know you are doing the right thing, and that’s how I feel about this new transition. It’s not easy getting out of bed, but the results are totally worth it.

So here’s to coffee, all the many alarms I set, and knowing I’ve found the hours in the day that make the mom/career balance a little less of a struggle.



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