Portland Fashion Week: the prep

For the past few years I’ve heard nothing but great thing about Portland Fashion Week. The production, the eco-friendly emphasis and more importantly the attention to designers the Fashion Week focuses on. Although they were on my radar as a production to submit to, I didn’t think I was ready.

PFW Show Schedule

PFW Show Schedule

This year I decided it was time. So I submitted my  ” A Coveted Existence” (ACE) collection and added four new designs to the line up to debut on the Portland Fashion Week runway.

Ombre dyed denim shift tank

Ombre dyed denim shift tank

denim shift dress

denim shift dress

Center Plaid dress

Center Plaid dress


Pocketed pullover

It took about two weeks of waiting to hear that I made the cut and will be featured at this year’s Fashion Week! We (Cruz and myself) are excited to be making the trip to Portland and participating in such a great production.

Although the patterns are cut, and muslins are ready for fit, you’ll have to wait until October  to see how the new looks turn out.

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