Spangles Fun with a bit of Periscope

Last month, with the help of Trisha Kelley, I decided to join Spangles boutique in hosting a fashion night. The owner, Lisa, and I decided to pair her accessories with my designs and have a fun but informal sidewalk/boutique front fashion show.



Every Thursday night Wakefield, RI’s Main Street stores host a River Fire night. They bring out artists, musicians, and offer shopping/restaurant specials. So naturally we agreed that a Thursday would be the perfect night for the show.

One of the River ire bands.

One of the River Fire bands.

Some images from the night:



A popular item in Spangles are the Lily and Laura crocheted glass bead bracelets.


Our Makeup artist for the night, Kayleigh, left with a pair of these in her ears!


I LOVE these jewelry plates.


Photographer- Trisha Kelley with Makeup Artist- Kayleigh Mullen

As the night drew closer, I had learned about the new app called Periscope. For those of you who haven’t downloaded the app or experienced a Periscope broadcast, it allows you to live stream yourself and to speak to whomever tunes into your broadcast. They type in their comments and questions and you see them come across your screen while streaming. I began to watch live broadcasts on Periscope, and thought it would be great to stream a little behind the scenes footage of  our upcoming Spangles event. So as nervous as I was, because anyone who knows me knows I’m not one to get in front of the camera, I did it!  Not sure when I will do it again, but it was definitely an experience that was simpler than I thought it would be.

Still from the broadcast

Stills from the broadcast


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