Vision Boards

Vision Boards aren’t new and they come in all forms, (poster board and cut outs, cork board and magazine collages, smart phone home screens and computer wallpaper just to name a few) but I think the idea of envisioning where you want your life to go both personally and professionally is so important. Vision boarding goes beyond a New Year’s resolution, it creates a physical image for you to see daily and allows your mind to focus on your goals in a less abstract way than just saying your goal or writing it down.

The reason the visual is so important is because with your goals come feelings, and vision boards/ images help you to focus on how you want to feel when you reach your goal. An example I know we can all agree on is when you see a picture of a sunny beach with a palm tree and beach chair



We almost all have the same thought: Vacation! and with that thought we think about relaxing, sun tanning, maybe reading a great book, swimming or even memories of a fun moment we had on vacation. Sometimes we can feel the warmth of the sun, the release of tension from our bodies when our stress levels are down etc. The power of image association is great and can really help to keep our focus.

That being said focus is important with a vision board. Be sure to know how you want to feel and what you really want to accomplish. Not what it seems like you should accomplish. And be honest with how you want to feel. I think the most successful boards or images are the ones that are honest and true for your life and for exactly where you are at this current moment. Also, just for fun and to challenge yourself add a few “reaches” to your board.  Your “reach” goals should take you out of your comfort zone, but if you obtain them would make you absolutely joyful.

I like to create my boards using some collected images, some real images from my life and then some images of things I want to attain. I also love keeping notes and positive quotes from my friends and from books I’ve read. I use push pins and cork boards to make my boards. I like the idea of being able to not just add onto my board but to remove things as well to make room for new ideas and goals that occur throughout the year.  As I’ve learned in the past, a lot happens in a year, and its important to keep your focus on your goals, but to be flexible on how to get there.

Here’s my vision board for 2016 and below are a few links of some great articles on vision boards if you might want to create your own.

A How To for vision boarding:

Another How To vision board:

My vision board for 2016

My vision board for 2016


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2 thoughts on “Vision Boards

  1. Kate says:

    Love this post! I love vision boarding, much like inspiring “mood boards” from fashion school. Ma variation I use is to collage images from Google into a PowerPoint, each slide a topic with a few inspiring words. Then you can play this “mind movie” each morning to start your day. Thanks for the reminder how reflecting on your goals each day with feeling can move you in the right direction, toward them!

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