ENAMOUR earrings

A few years ago while pregnant with my daughter I started reading articles about the “fast fashion” industry. (Fast Fashion is when production processes are sped up in order to get new trends to the market as quickly and cheaply as possible.) It was shocking to see the waste that major brands were creating daily, not only with excess clothing that didn’t sell each season but also the pollution from factories and subpar working conditions.

Although I’m not a big corporation, I started to think how I could reduce the waste my small clothing line was creating whereas not to add to this scary industry of excess.

When I looked at my own production process the one thing that I didn’t like was when I had overstock from a past collection, no matter how small, I still felt it was waste. So my first idea was ENAMOUR Redesigned… not sure if you all remember that one. When I decided to redesign any excess pieces and sell them at a sale price. Although this seemed like a great idea, it was very time consuming and still left the issue of more garments if not sold on the sale site.

But this summer, while taking a break and working on my unfinished to-do lists, I had an idea that seemed to fit more with who I am as a designer and aligned with the ENAMOUR brand.

I cut up excess fabric from some of my favorite designs from each collection and created a series of button stud earrings.


Some of the styles in the collection

The earrings utilize the excess fabric and samples that I want to have less of, but they also challenge me as a designer to create something new and fresh in another format other than clothing. I have fun redesigning some of my favorite fabrics into small canvases for your ears.

Getting some of the "Candy Cane" studs ready

Getting some of the “Candy Cane” studs ready

Packaged in custom tins

Packaged in custom tins

One of my favorite details on the bottom of the custom tins.

One of my favorite details on the bottom of the custom tins.


This first collection is just the beginning. I’m looking forward to diving into all of the swatches, seasonal fabrics and many more of my favorite designs from past collections to see what I can come up with.

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