A year in review- 2015

This year while I was in the beginning stages of preparing my 2016 goals, I opened a newsletter that said one of the best strategies to preparing for a new year is to look back on your past year: List your accomplishments, celebrate them and then analyze the year thinking about the things you liked, the things you want to see happen more, be honest about your shortcomings, and find ways to improve the things that didn’t work but that you may want to try again.

I know it may sound crazy, but in all the years that I have set goals I’ve never sat down and looked at my past achievements in review as a whole. Throughout the year I usually celebrate the accomplishments as they happen and then move on to the next thing. I thought this review exercise would be a nice one to try for 2016.

To begin I looked at all the business goals I accomplished in 2015:

1. Participated in multiple fashion shows
2. Hosted multiple Pop-Up shops
3. Wrote for a business blog
4. Connected with an ethical production company
5. Made a dress for the Grammy’s
6. Hosted my first Style Challenge as well as multiple social media giveaways and collaborations
7. Periscoped for the first time and was interviewed on Blab
8. Produced my first accessory line – ENAMOUR earrings
9. Joined mentoring and mastermind groups with motivated business professionals
10. Added five boutiques to the ENAMOUR stockists list

biz collage

1. Featured on the AshandRose site 2. One of my She Owns It blog posts 3. Solopreneur of the month via BeBlogalicious 4. Fashionably Late; Boston, MA 5. Cruz and me at StyleWeek 6. My first Instagram Style Challenge 7. The ACE collection featured on a web series 8. Interviewed on Blab 9. Production meeting

Then I did the same personally:
1. Moved to a new place
2. Began meditation
3. Lost 20 lbs.
4. Finished my “unfinished” to-do list
5. Received good news about my little ones medical status
6. Created a personal care calendar
7. Took a much-needed vacation
8. Participated in a 10 month mentoring program

1. Mireya finally likes the beach 2. Miami 3. Minions DIY Party 4. Our last night of 2015 5. So many awesome walks with her 6. Riding on her first Christmas float 7. Our first movie outing 8. Photoshoot 9. Having fun this winter

1. Mireya finally likes the beach 2. Miami 3. Minions DIY Party 4. Our last night of 2015 5. So many awesome walks with her 6. Riding on her first Christmas float 7. Our first movie outing 8. Photo shoot 9. Having fun this winter

After I had listed my accomplishments and I reflected on 2015 from an analytical stand point one major moment that occurred for me was in August  when I promised myself I would finish the things I started and I would follow through on the things I said I would do. Once I began the follow through and completing unfinished tasks I decided this had to become more than an end of 2015 promise. It needed to be a part of who I am.  Once I decided to make this the thing I wanted to happen more in 2016 I started to figure out how to make it possible. When I looked back at my 2015 planner I realized that I overbook my days.  In order to really complete the things I say I will I needed to allot myself realistic time frames to complete my tasks. Being unrealistic about what I could do in a day was making my to-do list out of control.  For 2016 I’m adopting these two methods ( which I learned about via my mastermind group and their love of Savor the Success)

  1. 3 MUSTS per week (these tasks have to get done no matter what)
  2. 3 SHIPS per day ( ships are tasks that go out to others in a networking capacity and help make way for the next step in reaching a goal)

I’m hoping these methods will help to make my daily and weekly schedules more manageable.  To take it one step further I am going to take some inspiration from an interview I saw this year with the Property Brothers and schedule in my personal time to allow for more balance.

I’m not sure if reviewing 2015 while moving forward into 2016  will have an effect on how the year goes. But I will say I would definitely recommend trying the activity just to see what you’ve accomplished because so often we don’t realize how much we have done. I also like the honesty associated with figuring out what to improve for the coming year. I think we all have habits that until we make an effort to tweak or change hold us back more than we realize.  With all of that said, Happy 2016 – may this year be one of your most memorable.

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