Boutiques and Gratitude

I know many reading this post have followed along with the creation of our ECO-CHIC earrings and have seen that they are now carried in multiple boutiques.  I have to take a moment to say how much gratitude I have for each boutique that says yes to the earrings I’ve created and then places an order. I’m just as grateful for each order that comes through Etsy and our online shop.



As an artist, (which I believe designers are; there’s always been a controversy around clothing design as art) we work in our studios and the process of creating is done in solitude. There are inspirations and even muses along the way, but ultimately we are creating by ourselves. The first time we pitch our lines, designs or projects to a boutique or have them walk a runway we are finally getting to expose the solo process to the community as a whole. This comes with praise and critique. We of course would like more praise than critique, LOL. But every time is the same. Creation, Anticipation, Acceptance, Rejection and Repeat.








Rejection…and Repeat…




So here’s to the creative process; the love, the hate, the shows, the sales, the sleepless nights, the studio time and all the gratitude that comes along with it.

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