The not so Secret to Success

If you follow me on Twitter you will see I often share and repost the work and quotes of Kelsey Humphreys. I first came to know about Kelsey through her Friday morning Quick Pep Talk. Every Friday Kelsey releases a short video on Facebook that encourages her viewers through a topic of struggle (some examples: fatigue, not feeling inspired, and getting past overwhelm). I remember watching the first Quick Pep Talk and feeling like she was so relatable. She was a wife, a mother, and a woman pursuing her dream. Her thoughts were real, and uncensored, she was speaking from the truth of the struggle. Encompassing the uncertainty, joy and sometimes craziness we all feel pursuing anything that is ambitious. But her talks were encouraging, humorous and positive. The perfect way to end a hectic work week.

By the third Quick Pep Talk  I wanted everyone to watch;  Kelsey’s energy, thoughts on a subject and positivity was something I wanted people to experience, to let my friends and others pursuing ambitious goals know they weren’t alone, that other people were having the same thoughts and struggles and Kelsey was offering encouragement. This was about the time Kelsey released an episode of her show, The Pursuit. The Pursuit is an online traveling talk show. Kelsey travels to the homes and offices of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in America and she talks to them about the journey and  pursuit of reaching their goals and getting to the place of success they now experience. She’s interviewed  Seth Godin, The Property Brothers, Chalene Johnson, Marie Forleo, and Al Roker to name a few.  Kelsey genuinely asks relevant questions, viewer questions and keeps the mood informal, natural and humorous, but never silly. The segments focus on the nitty-gritty of how people began, their personal story, their professional struggles and gains as well as their honest advice. They also honestly answer how they currently live and their top tips for being productive/successful. I just love it. Each interview Kelsey shares the key takeaways – which sum up the interview – and at the end of the show Kelsey asks the  guests a series of random questions (favorite cereal, last phone call made, favorite snack food etc.) which I always feel makes the interviews even more personal and humanizing.

To understand why I’m such a fan, you really just have to tune in for yourself, and there is no better interview to start watching first than her most recent interview with Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vee is so real, honest and thorough about his journey, sacrifices, mindset and the advice he gives not only to his everyday viewers, but even The Pursuit viewers, who for some were learning of him for the first time.

Check out the interview and let me know what you think:

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