What a month May was! I’ve been missing from posting on the blog ( which you may have noticed got a makeover), because I’ve been busy creating the new website! I’m so excited about the new site. It really captures the feel of the brand and tells the story of Cruz and I in the capacity of the business. In creating all the product descriptions and thinking of color schemes etc, it makes me feel even more connected to my purpose of bringing ENAMOUR designs to life.

image1 (1)

If you happen to click the link and checkout the website one of the things you’ll notice is we’ve transitioned ENAMOUR Design House into an accessory brand for the next couple of years. Although I love designing full collections and I spent a long time thinking about this transition before making the decision, there are some things that once we begin them just feel like the right thing to pursue.

Last year while creating my last runway collection, there were quite a few factors that played into my current career pivot. The amount of time creating my collections from sketch to completion a long with photo shoots, shows and pop ups all took time that when thinking of my daughters needs, just couldn’t be finagled into workable hours that allowed me to feel fulfilled in my career and family life without feeling like one aspect was always lacking. The back and forth struggle was real, and one that we all have to uniquely think about for our own lives and then do what we feel is right in making our lives feel full. I’m not a fan of the word balanced. In order to grow there’s always a level of discomfort that for me makes balance seem too comfortable. It may be something I look forward to attaining once I feel like I’ve accomplished the things I want to do in my life.

I launched our earring collection in November of last year, kind of as a creative endeavor that I didn’t foresee having so much growth, appreciation and excitement for. Not only from the women who have purchased the earrings, but from myself. Growth as a designer in a new field – which brings along new learning experiences totally different than clothing design (especially in material sourcing beyond my own fabrics). Appreciation for this new craft, and the time it allows me to have with my family and the ease in which it has integrated into my life. Excitement for new designs, I have some awesome ideas for expanding the line into more accessories, and for the first ever, the excitement about somehow combining my love of  wearable art textile creation with this line of accessories.

I’m really excited about this transition and can’t wait to share all of the new experiences, designs and adventures along the way.

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