The Inspiration Behind our Collections

A few months ago a I received an email from a woman who had recently purchased our earrings. She was writing to tell me that she had no idea that the earrings she had bought corresponded so well with the clothing I used to make. I explained to her that each collection of earrings are made from the same fabrics of my past clothing designs. She was so intrigued by this and let me know she appreciated her earrings even more after seeing the dresses that I had made before creating the earrings.

For many that have followed along on the blog before I launched the earrings the fabrics will feel familiar. But for those new to the blog, or new to the brand, I thought it would be cool to share some photos of the past looks along with the earrings they inspired, to give a better idea of how the collections came to be.


The Chevron Dress inspired our Mesh Studs.




The Ombre Stretch Denim Jeans inspired our Ombre Denim Studs.


The Denim Day Dress inspired our Denim Earring Collection.


The Dawn Dress inspired our Holiday Earring Collection.


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