Pink Box- The prep

Last month I got my first subscription box order! It was for the Girl Talk Empowerment organization (You’ll be hearing more about them later this month). They are an organization that helps build the confidence and self esteem of young girls through programs and events as well as hosting a full Girl Talk Empowerment Day.

The organization is one I admire and was happy that Mireya and I could participate in their viral “#LoveYoself” campaign earlier this year. I was even more excited to have Katie Zeppieri be a brand representative for ENAMOUR Design House.


Lending our support to the Girl Talk “#LoveYoself” campaign


Katie wearing our Black Lined Studs during her interview


So of course when the opportunity presented itself for us to partner with Girl Talk Empowerment as they present their Pink Box. I readily said yes! We decided that the Denim studs would be a great edition to the box…and I got to work.



This was a large order and so a lot of time management and late nights went into completing it, all hands on deck- my husband even helped out a few night.


Midway snapshot


Working on this order and having a few hiccups- a tropical storm watch, a no show on an order of supplies, a faulty part, and a Holiday weekend I had forgotten, which meant no postal delivery for a few days. The list of hiccups was larger than I wanted it to be, and I did stop a few times, took a deep breathe and remembered the young ladies who would be receiving my earrings in their box. It was grounding and allowed me to know that this wasn’t about me, but them.In the end when I had shipped the order, I looked back at the list of hiccups, and realized that the brainstorming that came into play to overcome the hiccups and “make it work” made me smile and feel so much more accomplished than thinking of the ways I was hindered for a few moments or days.

I think sometimes we can be thrown for a loop and allow that loop to have us running in circles and emotional enough not to feel we can complete a project or assignment, and then feel we aren’t worthy of the task/ goal at hand. But the hiccups are there to make us think outside the box and to rise to the occasion.


So as I excitedly wait for the Pink Box to ship out, I’ve planned a few things. This week I will be posting an interview with the Founder of Girl Talk Empowerment, Katie Zeppieri, and the week after Katie will be taking over our Instagram account for the September 20th launch of the Pink Box! So stay tuned for some great content and a fun behind the scenes look at what goes into running an organization like Katie’s.


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