Fashionably Late- the Prep

This week I will be showing my earrings for the Thursday night Fashionably Late show at the Liberty Hotel in Boston.

I had booked the event a year in advance, at a time when I had planned on launching our new season  of women’s wear, and way before I could have imagined that I would be taking a transition out of clothing and into accessory design.

In the past I had participated in Fashionably Late and loved the set up, organization, and hair and makeup teams and knew I didn’t want to withdraw from the upcoming show.



So I reached out to Ash and Rose, a great boutique in the SOWA District of Boston, who carry our earrings, and asked if they would like to collaborate with me in showing their clothing with our earrings. It was a natural fit.



I then reached out to stylist Tricia Cromwell, of Trust In Tricia, also in Boston to see if she would like to style the show (if you are subscribed to our monthly email  you may be familiar with Tricia’s monthly style tips). She said yes and we set up for a day of planning before the show.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the fun prints we plan on pairing with our earrings.


I’m looking forward to Thursday’s show and seeing all the greatness that will shine through when all three of us bring together our work and expertise to one runway.


We’ll be sharing images from the show on Instagram and Facebook!


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