New Earrings!!

As our stud earrings grew in colorways and varieties; I kept thinking it was time for something new. I knew I wanted the next style of earring to be a drop style, but as I was trying to think of something that would compliment my design aesthetic and still speak to using dead stock fabrics and excess materials I was coming up short. I played around with a lot of ideas, but nothing that sparked my excitement to create.

As Coachella and the warm weather approached I started to think of tassels and denim and then I made my first tassel from excess sewing thread, and it was a wrap! I knew what would be next… our Tassel Hoops!

I hand make each tassel and then bead and create the full earring.


Large Black and Silver Tassel Hoops

unnamed (4)

Turquoise and Silver Tassel Hoops

unnamed (14)

Large Black and Gold Tassel Hoops

unnamed (22)

Small Silver and Gold Tassel Hoops

As I begin to look through my threads I’m excited to see what colorways develop.




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