A few years ago I wrote about Seasons :

 Kelsey Humphreys  said that our work hustle comes in seasons. We have seasons of heavy work and planning/implementing and seasons for less work and more rest. These seasons occur to create a system of balance to be able to continue the marathon (because we all know it’s not a sprint we’ve signed up for).

At the time I was writing that post I was transitioning into a new home and new location, as well as balancing motherhood and ENAMOUR. I took the end of the summer “off”  slowing down my production and shipping and took time to get things in my home and personal life in order.

This year I had another moment to reflect on seasons. This time my time off was much longer. Although I have created some new products and continue to ship the accessories we already offer; for the past six months I slowed down on new product development, press outreach and even pitching to new boutiques. I slowed down, not for the work/life balance, like before; but because my industry is changing and those changes are requiring me to rethink the things that in the past so easily made sense. Things like wholesale, selling through online markets, and social media campaigns for sales.  Thinking of these things and how over the past few years they’ve changed my bigger goals, it was important to see how far I’ve come and to think about how to adapt.

I talked to many industry friends and my husband as well, all  of who were so supportive of my decision to step back and figure it all out.

In taking the time to remember my why, and to think about what I want to accomplish in the fashion industry, as well as what will work for my family, I gained some clarity. With that clarity comes confidence to begin again.

I’m excited to share the new things I’m going to be trying as well as getting back to the studio and sharing images of all the new things I’ll be creating in upcoming posts.




(Feature Image credit: Shannon Roddy Photography)

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