The Flamingle Sip and Shop Social

Over the holidays I had the pleasure of showcasing my earrings at a Holiday Sip and Social on Cape Cod hosted by the Anacki Family. It was a wonderful experience, with awesome decor, amazing food and great guests. So when they reached out again for me to showcase more earrings – I added to my drop earring styles, and gladly said yes.

This summer’s social had a fun tropical theme:


Invitation and list of other vendors for the show.


Loved the pineapple decor and pop of color. Real pineapples were used as vases for the centerpieces at the table.


The sip and shop social lasted three hours and had cocktails as well as a large spread of appetizers and desserts on hand throughout. I enjoyed talking with all the guests ( one guest purchased our Candy Cane studs to match her golf team’s outfits. I can only imagine how great they’ll look.) Beyond the guests I also had a great time talking with the other women showcasing their products.


Susan of Thirty One was on hand to provide great tote and storage options.


Carrie of Pampered Chef came with recipes and samples of Red Wine sorbet and Guacamole- my little on was a huge fan of the guacamole.


Heather of LuLaRoe brought a large assortment of tunics, dresses, tops and leggings.


My set up for the day



My aunts and cousin shopping


Close up of purchases today – our Navy Vegan Leather Studs and our Cream and Gold Chain Earrings.


Some of the new drop styles

It was a great day and I’m always grateful that the Anacki Family continues to invite me to showcase my earrings to their friends and family.


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