While I was designing my womenswear collections and debuting them seasonally on the runways of StyleWeek Northeast in Providence, Rhode Island. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Kaye Claire Chapman. Although we never worked together while she was modeling, we did connect via social media and I'm sure glad we did. Recently Kaye … Continue reading #STYLEDBYK


Word of the Month

This month I'm back at it, picking a new word. Last month I chose the word Leap- it was a perfect word to describe the big steps I took pitching my brand on a bigger platform than I had ever before. As I sent each proposal and pitch out, anxiety and a sense of accomplishment … Continue reading Word of the Month

We Can…

In a month celebrating women, I thought it only necessary to write about an organization that inspires, motivates and helps women on Cape Cod. The organization is We Can- they provide programs and services for women on Cape Cod to help bring increased opportunity, self-sufficiency, and stability to their lives. If you've read my past posts … Continue reading We Can…