Trusted Clothes- Ethical Bloggers We Love

A few months ago I wrote my first post for the site Trusted Clothes. It was the first time that I got to interview some bloggers and women in fashion I admire outside of the interviews I do with ENAMOUR. I wanted to share it with you here and if you like content about the… Continue reading Trusted Clothes- Ethical Bloggers We Love

Fashion Shows

Fashionably Late- the show

Last Thursday I went to Boston and participated in the Fashionably Late Show hosted by the Liberty Hotel. This show was different than so many I’ve shared with you in the past, because for the first time I wasn’t providing the clothing. As I headed to Boston, I had a small bag of earrings, neatly… Continue reading Fashionably Late- the show

Fashion Shows

Fashionably Late- the Prep

This week I will be showing my earrings for the Thursday night Fashionably Late show at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. I had booked the event a year in advance, at a time when I had planned on launching our new season  of women’s wear, and way before I could have imagined that I would be taking… Continue reading Fashionably Late- the Prep