Word of the Month…again

Last month my Word of the Month was Consistent. con·sist·ent kənˈsistənt adjective: acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate. "the parents are being consistent and firm in their reactions" unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time. "he is their most consistent player this season" … Continue reading Word of the Month…again


Rare Disease Day

Being a parent is no easy task, and being a parent of a child with a rare disorder or disease is even more of a challenge. February 28th (and on Leap Year the 29th) is Rare Disease Day- A day to bring awareness to the 30 million children and adults living with diseases and disorders … Continue reading Rare Disease Day


We're on Spotify! For years I've heard about Spotify and listening to music online. Honestly I never thought much of it. I've always liked watching videos on YouTube or listening to my playlists via my phone. But this weekend I sat down and got an account and was excited to see I could make playlists. … Continue reading Spotify


A few years ago I wrote about vision boards and why I like creating them, along with links to "How to" posts that I thought were helpful in starting your own. A How To for vision boarding: http://christinekane.com/how-to-make-a-vision-board/ Another How To vision board: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elizabeth-rider/the-scientific-reason- Vision boarding goes beyond a New Year’s resolution, it creates a … Continue reading Visionboarding